Things to do in Narkanda!

Narkanda is an attractive and old-fashioned little town in Shimla. The district is popular for skiing in winters. It attracts tourists for its ethereal natural beauty.

It has beautiful apple orchards. It is also surrounded by tropical forests and majestic hills, this is one place that tourists to Himachal Pradesh should not miss. Narkanda also has a lake called the Tannu Jabar Lake which is one of the most important tourist attractions here.

A tourist can trek up to the beautiful hill called Hatu Nag, in Narkanda. This hill gives a panoramic view of the town below and all adventure lovers travelling to this town should try it. Skiing can also carried out during the winters.


Narkanda although being 65 km from Shimla, experiences massive drop in temperature reaching upto 10 degrees in March.The place is at an altitude of 2708m. It is one of the five destinations in India for Skiing. The route is full of breathtaking valleys and steep hairpin bends, with glimpses of the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas at a distance with every turn. When the sun comes up overhead in winters, the snow glistens like an ocean of diamonds owing to the internal reflection. Skiing in Narkanda should be on the bucket list of anyone who is looking for a trip filled with adventure.

Star gazing:

Narkanda is one of the top 10 places in Himachal Pradesh known for its star gazing. A calm and clear star-studded night sky offering a magical site is what anyone would want to experience, to make their trip worth remembering. There are some spots around the country which offer spectacular stellar views of the universe surrounding us, and one such place among them is in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh. You will find Narkanda, a small town on the Hindustan-Tibet highway, It is at a distance of 65 kilometres north-east of Shimla. To enjoy the beautiful patterns that the stars form during the night in their own true splendour, make sure that you are carrying the right equipment (binoculars, etc) with you.

Hatu Peak:

Hatu Peak is 71 kms from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. One of the attractions is the sculpted temple which people to belong to Mandodari, wife of Ravana. Hatu Peak is a destination in itself, hence taking a little detour is worth giving a shot. A small 30 minutes trek to Jau Bagh, which is a beautiful lush green meadow will fill your heart with joy. The place is so serene that one tends to get lost in his own self. The beautiful view of small villages, grazing wild horses and vivid colored butterflies.

The place is popular due to one restaurant ‘Pandav Rasoi’ which comes before the temple. They have 19 cottages by the name of Agyaat Vaas. After refueling another trek can be start. Karena Peak which is at a distance of 2 kms, is a 25-minute trek from Agyaat Vaas.

It is a lovely green hill top where one can find remnants of small bunkers. It was earlier used by Gurkha dacoits who looted the nearby areas, during Gorkha War of 1815. It was on the request of Raja Khaneti and Kumarsain, the Britishes intervened in the matter. Thus, the Gorkha regime was overthrown. The place is a perfect spot to capture both the sunrise and sunset in their splendour.

Bird watching:

Narkanda is the starting point of the Hatu Peak trek. One can spot few species like Indian blue robin, black and yellow grosbeak, Himalayan griffon, brownish-flanked bush warbler, large hawk cuckoo, spotted nutcracker, greenish and lemon-rumped warbler, ultramarine and Asian brown flycatcher, Eurasian blackbird.

it is surrounded with plenty of hills, greenery and snow-covered peaks, valleys, Himachal is the perfect holiday spot to enjoy Eco tour. The dense forests, panoramic valleys and murmuring rivers and of Himachal let one enjoy several Eco activities which will make one’s holiday memorable.

Tanni Jubbar:

Situated at a distance of 70 km from Shimla, towards Thanedar – Kotghar, this place is 12 km from Narkanda. The lake has its own charm and is an ideal option for picnics with families. On a clear sunny day, one can see the snow-covered peaks far at a distance, which adds on to the beauty of this pond. Tanni Jubbar is famous for its ‘Nag Devta’ Temple, where the locals come to offer their prayers to the Serpent God. Another major attraction of the place is the Stokes Farm. It was Samuel Stokes who came from America to India in search of spirituality. It was because of the fondness of Himachal Pradesh that he gave Apple farming a try. He was the first one who bought a sapling of red apple from Philadelphia and planted them in Thanedar.

Baghi – Ratnari Apple valley:

The Ratnari Baghi Valley is famous to have the largest production center of Apples in Kotkhai Tehsil. Except the delicious apples. we get a glimpse of the highest picturesque peak of Himachal named the Hatu peak, this belt is popular for cherry plantations as well. The Baghi-Ratnari belt is a beautiful valley and sets a perfect example of how village and nature tourism is catching up. In Springtime, the weather is right and it’s when flowering takes place in the apple orchards. The orchards are full of colourful white flowers with bees buzzing around the blossoming flowers. And its during Sept-Oct, when the apple crop is blooming. The site of the ripening apples is a site to watch. The same is the scenario with cherry picking. There are farm houses in the village where one can get to experience the warm hospitality and pahadi culture in its true sense.

There are no markets as such in Narkanda, hence you can only get the basic stuff! On the way, you can stop at Shimla and then Kufri. Enjoy the burgers on the road (even KFC, McDonalds can’t beat these awesome Indianised burgers). The place also offers some great views for photography!

A must visit for every mountain lover!


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