The best way to live with nature. Visited the second time in 3 years. So relaxing and comfortable stay. Staff is excellent and courteous. Mountain trails and treks all around. Nothing but the sounds of nature. A must go not just once but every year-Javed Q

Javed Q - Best getaway. Chicken soup for the mind

You know that going lost is not bad when you stay at a beautiful and dreamy place like Agyaatvas. Everything about it is beautiful. Be the place or the people running that place. Loved each and every minute of my stay there with my husband.  ❤

- Angela - Lost in the beauty of Agyaatvas

 The staff is good, friendly and cooperating. Our guide Sunil was awesome. Guys if you want anything here, just catch hold of this guy.The owner of the resort Mr. Pratap is also a gentleman. Good resort indeed.

Rahul  - Boys Road trip for Stargazing

I had a fantastic weekend staying at Soho Hotel, I’m already planning my next weekend away here! The staff were all so polite and helped me to locate my baby after I got drunk and left her in a bar. Looking forward to see you again!

Carlos Patios - 1 Night, Standard Room

A truly outstanding experience! My husband and I had a fabulous 5 nights staying at Soho Hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough! And their website is just great, so easy to use! If I were to recommend a hotel website theme it’d be this one!

Sarah Marks - 5 Nights, Luxury Suite