What We Offer

AccomodationSafe & Comfort

‘Agyaat Vaas’ a scenic location consisting of four individual huts (each hut consisting of one double bed room ,one changing room with attached bathroom). Another eight ‘ rooms with attached toilet/bathroom are divided in three separate blocks( two blocks having three rooms in each block and one block having two rooms).

At any given time we can accommodate 24 persons on twin sharing basis. All rooms have very comfortable full size beds, private sitouts and traditional wood burning heaters. There is a big bone fire area where you can enjoy bar-be-que & dinner around the bone fire with light music.

There is a large, indoor dining room with comfortable, cushions and seating areas where you can relax .Individual ‘Hammam’ wood burning water heating systems are there for heating water and our team prepare them every morning for your bath.

Eco-friendly holidayWe Love Nature

Agyaat Vaas is environment friendly and ecologically balanced retreat and we request the guests to appreciate the same and contribute to the maintenance of the eco-culture. Even because of our remote location though, efforts have been made to provide all basic facilities, we encourage the guests to absorb the maximum from the environment and the outdoors and to make an effort to re-connect with nature both physically and mentally.

‘Agyaat Vaas’ offers a activity based package starting from two nights and can last upto 7 days on twin sharing basis. Please refer to our package section . Guests also come here for longer relaxing vacations .

Catering FacilityServe You Better

We provide three nutritious, hygienically prepared meals a day. We also provide our guests going for treks or activity with hot packed lunch to the activity area/trek. When the guest are back from the day routine we give tea with snacks. The dinner choice (veg/ non-veg) is followed by hot soup. Mineral water is provided throughout the day for drinking. This all is included in over all price.

Agyaat Vaas also provides a menu of your choice but please bear in mind that we are at a distance from Simla & provisions (especially western style) are limited and can be procured only on advance notice of a day.

Please remember; satisfaction in our work depends on seeing you return home well-rested, inspired and radiant, so we will be doing our utmost to ensure your health, safety and well-being in every sense.

Agyaat Vaas' CuisineYou will fall in Love with

Breakfast 8.30am - 11.00amStuffed pranthas, choice of eggs, served with pickle. Tea/Coffee/Juice
Lunch 1.00pm - 2.30pm Seasonal vegetables, /dal, rice, chapati, side salad.
Snacks - on arrival from trek /activity veg pakora, bread pakora, finger chips, mix pakora, biscuits etc.
Supper 8.30pm- 10.30pm Soup, Non veg , Paneer dish, Vegetable Dish, Chapati, Rice with side salad

Guests are encouraged to inform us their food preferences and any special requirements. Please feel free to communicate any other food requirement in advance, we’ll be happy to provide the same.