At Agyaat Vaas we understand that people travel to the Himalayas to find peace and solace for their mind and body. Mother Nature has bestowed best of her beauty and gorgeousness which helps in rejuvenating and relaxation. Here at Agyaat Vaas we offer Fixed Tours to our guests which treats them with refreshed environment and awe inspiring beauty plus we have some activities in our package, depending upon your choice, you can have your holiday.

Tours At Agyaat Vaas

Jeep Tours

For those guests who want to explore the Himalayas but cannot trek, we have the adventurous Jeep Tours. These tours are fun for everyone and the experience of riding a jeep on hilly area is indeed a great experience. We offer jeep tours to the popular places including, Spiti, Ladakh, Lower Himachal, Jalori, Gushani, Manali and Parasher Lake.

It is a fun experience for groups, families, friends and a romantic couple camping can also be a great idea. At Agyaat Vaas we have fixed camping experience which covers the mesmerizing areas of Himachal Pradesh like, Hatu peak, jalori pass, Sangla, Nako and Chandertal..

If you are a bike lover, there is nothing like a Bike Tour, and keeping this in mind, we have a Bike Tour to places including, Shimla, Spiti, Manali and Ladakh. It will for sure give you adrenaline rush.

Trekking Tours

In the fixed trekking tour we take our guests to trekking trails which are full of natural splendor. It gives great pleasure to them as there is nothing like connecting with nature for trekking enthusiasts. Starting from less adventurous to highly adventurous trekking, our fixed trekking tour will help you in having a great experience of relaxation. The guided trekking tours at Agyaat Vaas include trekking trips to, beautiful and breathtaking places like, Mural Danda, Chandernan, Chanshill, Bhawa Pin valley and Pin Parvati

It is for camera lovers and there is no better way to keep the memories of breathtaking views and amazing life style of the hills forever than a photography tour. Our fixed tours for photography will cover temples, villages, flora and fauna of the state.

We try to educate the people in the region about the using the various natural resources in an intelligent manner. In addition, we also inform them about the long term repercussions of cutting down forests and destroying the wildlife of the Himalyan ranges..