Famous Places Around Agyaat Vaas

All the tourist coming to Shima, Narkanda , Thanedhar ,Kufri, Chail and Mashobra have one day visit to hatu peak .As Hatu peak is the most famous sight seeing point of these famous tourist destinations. So the tourists coming from these famous destination can not explore hatu hiils on their short time trip to hatu peak. Very few of those got the chance to go to Jau bag, Karena peak and Landeua.
Only people visiting Agyaat Vaas have the opportunity to visit these beautiful places. These places are accessible by very short trek from our Himalayan retreat. Other famous places which can be covered in one day trip from Agyaat Vaas are:
  • :: Ratnari 3 km by trek and 20km by road
  • :: Tani jubber 7km by trek and 12km by drive
  • :: Baghi 24 km by road and 5km by trek
  • :: Sarahan 104km by road
  • :: Sareol Sar lake 64km by road
  • :: Chanshal 103km by road