Best Time To Visit

With the climatic changes now taking place, no one can entirely accurate in estimating the weather or temperatures, but one thing we can guarantee is an abundance of fresh air. Agyaat Vaas and the surrounding area has a climate that it is rare to have a day that’s completely overcast in summer and in autumn.
If it rains, usually only for a few hours and the electric storm, rumbling monsoon thunder and dramatic cloud formations only accentuate this captivating landscape. Here is the estimated temperature which can go in the following months.
:: April: 8 degree to 18 degree, warmer in Sun, Snow possible if weather remains bad for longer period.
:: May – July: 10 degree to 28 degree (in Sun).
:: August: 10 degree to 26 degree (in Sun).
:: September-October: 8 degree to 20 degree (in Sun).
:: At an altitude it is always cool in the shade.
:: Possibility of snow in November and December.
:: So as we are living here and we would like to suggest best visiting months to Agyaat vaas are April, May, june , September and October.