Agyaat vaas is so remote that you just need to step out of the site and you can find many activities for your self. So many ideas can click in the minds of writers to write and poet can translate the chirping of birds into a sweet poem and our site is a lovely location for painters to draw the mother nature ,bird watcher will have to hold their breath to watch birds and our location is botanical paradise for flora lover. Trekker lover can trek to Hatu peak(3400mt), Karena peak(3300mt) , Jau bag(3350mt) , Tani Jubber lake(2452mt) and you can trek to near by villages which are famous for its horticulture and agriculture. There is a provision of outdoors games like cricket, badminton, croquet, archery , shooting darts, basketball and obstacles. And those who want to try hand in adventure activities we can take them to rappelling, rock climbing, traversing and Jumaring to near by activity area.

Karena peak.

To describe about this place, we can only say when you visit this peak. The place gives you spiritual experience , you just need to close your eyes and sit calm , you will have a heavenly experience. Karena peak is just approx 1.5 km away from agyaat vaas. Agyaat vaas guest have a option to hike to Karena peak for Sun rise ,
which is amazing to have this experience you have to be a early riser, Adventure lovers can try to route it through a difficult route to have a expedition thrill experience with the help of Ropes , which not only give you thrilling experience but also develops a team spirit in you.

Hatu peak

Hatu peak is approx 1.5 away from agyaat vaas. Hatu peak offers 360degree view of mighty Himalayas. Sun Set from Hatu peak is a treat to watch on a clear day. At the top of the peak is a small wooden temple called Hatu temple. According to local belief the famous Hatu Mata temple is the temple of ‘Mandodari’ wife of ‘Ravana’. People come in great number on the first Sunday of Jetha(hindi Name of Month) to pay ritual here. Goat sacrifice is still in practice near the temple. There is an ancient stove like formation of rocks nearby the temple. Locals believe that it was used by the Pandavas brothers to cook their food during their AgyaatVaas.

Apple village Ratnari

Trekking lovers have a option to trek down to this beautiful apple village Ratnari. Where you not only enjoy the trek but also you see and exchange the life style of the villagers. If you are travelling to agyaat vaas in mid april then cherry and apple blossom season is there and yiu see the all the orchards are full of white and light pink flowers End May till Mid June is Cherry picking season thenyou can pick your
cherry from the orchards. Mid August to End October is the apple picking season where you can pick youe apples from the orchards


There’s something quite magical about a star-studded night sky. White dust,light and air pollution make it difficult to find a clear night sky in most Indian cities. You can get lucky at Agyaat Vaas on clear nights with star gazing and night sky photography. Mr.Ajay Talwar rated Narkanda among India’s top 10 night photography spots. He reveals that the ski slope which is hidden from the town light is ideal “for photographers who not want earth lights to spoil the light coming from the sky”.


Narkanda is the starting point of Hatu Peak, all along the trail you can
spot a number of species like :
Indian Blue Robin,
Brownish-flanked bush warbler
Himalayan Griffan
Large Hawk Cuckoo
Black and yellow Grosbeak,
Spotted Nutcracker
Greenish and Lemon-rumped warbler
Ultramarine and Asian brown flycatcher
Eurasian blackbird.


These two villages are located in Kotkhai Tehsil of Shimla district Himachal Pradesh and are known for their apple farming. The people living here follow the ideology of simple living and high thinking. These down to earth people come from a mix of various tribes and races, and follow their traditions and rituals with full devotion. They are so welcoming and warm at heart that you would want to keep coming back. The area’s rustic culture is well linked to its occupation. Agriculture and livestock rearing are main source of livelihood. You will find many people working in terrace farms and orchards. The apples and cherries produced here are famous all over India, besides there are many other species of wild mushrooms(),herbs and fauna found in forests surrounding these villages. There is also a special provision of swimming and theatre which can only be provided on prior request at the time of booking.


Want to enjoy the beauty of the place without unrestricted views from the top, paragliding is just the right sport for you. You need not worry as experienced professionals will be there with you who will guide you and provide you with all the necessary equipments perform the activity. It does not require and skill, you will be accompanied by professionals on the flight.