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Welcome To Narkanda Hotels and Resorts Agyaat Vaas

Please note we are a high altitude basic facility eco tourism village. .Although we provide all the basic facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for all our guests, at the same time we encourage them to maintain the ecological balance of the region. Our activity based vacation packages are aimed to help our guests reconnect with nature, not only on a physical level, but both in mind and spirit as well. We make every effort to ensure the health safety and well-being of our guests .


5000 /night

We have four individual huts with attice in each hut. It can accomadate a family of four with one double bed and two mattrases on floor in attice. All four huts have attached toilet and private sitout area.



4000 /night

We have 8 rooms . They are divided in three blocks. Two blocks have three three rooms in each block and one block have two rooms. Out of these three blocks one three room block have attice. All rooms have independent attchaed toilet.


3500 /night

We provide tented accamodation for students and other  corporate groups in agyaat vaas  and also various locations of Himachal pardesh.. To name few famous location are Sangla, Jalori pass, Chanshill and Tirthan valley


3500 /night

We at agyaat vaas promote rural tourism. Farm houses are built amidst apple and cherry orchards. These farm houses are located in 20 to 40kms away from agyaat vaas . The farm houses are taken care by owners and they serve home made  food

What we offer

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Be it any part of the country or any season of the year our packages give you the best options of embarking on an enjoyable family vacation to these destinations. The place is excellent with so much of natural beauty all around you. At Agyaat Vaas we understand that people travel to the Himalayas to find peace and solace for their mind and body. Mother Nature has bestowed best of her beauty and gorgeousness which helps in rejuvenating and relaxation. Here at Agyaat Vaas we offer Fixed Tours to our guests which treats them with refreshed environment and awe inspiring beauty plus we have some activities in our package, depending upon your choice, you can have your holiday.

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Corporate tours the people in the region about the using the various natural resources in an intelligent manner. In addition, we also inform them about the long term repercussions of cutting down forests and destroying the wildlife of the Himalyan ranges.For those guests who want to explore the Himalayas but cannot trek, we have the adventurous Jeep Tours. These tours are fun for everyone and the experience of riding a jeep on hilly area is indeed a great experience. We offer jeep tours to th

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For a Students, exploring the different dimensions of the India can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of life. But if one does not know where to start, it can be very frustrating. Owing to our experience of more than a decades, we narrow down up to the minutest detail to every exclusive tour packages helping our clients enjoy the most beautiful sights across the India. Our experts are dedicated to provide teaching while traveling We try to educate the people in the region about the

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In the fixed trekking tour we take our guests to trekking trails which are full of natural splendor. It gives great pleasure to them as there is nothing like connecting with nature for trekking enthusiasts. Starting from less adventurous to highly adventurous trekking, our fixed trekking tour will help you in having a great experience of relaxation. The guided trekking tours at Agyaat Vaas include trekking trips to, beautiful and breathtaking places like, Mural Danda, Chandernan, Chanshill, B

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If you are a bike lover, there is nothing like a Bike Tour, and keeping this in mind, we have a Bike Tour to places including, Shimla, Spiti, Manali and Ladakh. It will for sure give you adrenaline rush.

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'Agyaat Vaas' is the perfect place to practice meditation & Yoga. The silence and tranquility combined with abundance of natural beauty of our setting usually leads our guests into a state of deep contemplation.

If you would like instruction in regards to the practice of meditation, we faciliate an instructor for the same who offers guidance.

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